August 2016 – Hiking The National 3 Peak Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland.

At LYC, we aim to do bigger and better challenges year upon year. So, after completing the Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge in 2015, it made sense to now complete the National challenge.

Are you sat there thinking there is no way I could do that? You’re probably not the only one, but what we can promise our young people is that we will work as a team to complete everything and that nothing is impossible when you surround yourself with positive and dedicated people who love helping others succeed.

Weekly fitness training sessions helped to develop core strength and prepare the body for completing this challenge. The sessions were fun and energetic, our young people were amazed at how quickly they saw a difference in their health and fitness by joining in!

Our monthly group meet up session gave everyone the time and opportunity help them understand the importance of being healthy and staying safe during these challenges.

We will have a team building residential before we set off on our journey so this is a great opportunity to keep on developing those social skills, team building skills and personal development.

Once we were ready to begin the challenge, we were guided by professional mountain guide leaders to ensure that we were all in safe hands to complete the huge task.

The LYC team were so proud to summit all THREE mountains, it was a life changing experience for many of our young people.