Mindfulness & Meditation

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we have been forced to halt our weekly meditation and mindfulness sessions.

We recognise how powerful and beneficial these sessions have been in assiting our young peopel to manage their stress and anxiety.

Prior to the lock-down we were able to film a series of meditations with Rev Jitei White from the Tara Centre, Lancaster

We hope you find them helpful and please feel free to share them far and wide:

Keep Calm & Meditate – Part 1 (Introduction)

Keep Calm & Meditate – Part 2 (Counting the Breaths)

Keep Calm & Meditate – Part 3 (Focusing the Breath)

Keep Calm & Meditate – Part 4 (Meditation to help you sleep)

Keep Calm & Meditate – Part 5 (Sitting Meditation)

For more information about Mindfulness and Meditation please visit: https://www.taracentrelancaster.org.uk/