The Woodland Challenge is one of our Community Impact projects which is facilitated in partnership with the Lune Valley Bee Keeping Association and is located on the footprint of Nazareth House Care Home, Ashton Road.

Between February – November we have been renovating the woodland, clearing out dead wood and building pathways and wildflower areas, whilst also assisting in the care and management of the Bee Apiary which is onsite and currently houses 500,000 bees. 

COVID caused us to abandon our work in April but we started again in late July and have been making positive progress. We have also started a small ‘Pen Pal project between LYC young people and the elderly residents at the care home and we have just started to exchange letters and photographs. 

The project is an example of young people making a positive and meaningful contribution to their local community whilst developing their skills in woodland management, gardening, local flora and fauna and of course understanding more about the lives and importance of bees!

October 2020 Update

We have been back working on the grounds of Nazareth House Care Home. Braving the elements on Saturday 3rd October we managed to plant 850 bulbs and make some bird boxes!

This Community Impact Project has been supported by the National Lottery Community Fund