In August 2017, we headed off to the Lake District to take on the huge 3 Great Lakes Challenge!

Thanks to the young people’s commitment and perseverance in the weekly physical training sessions, bravery in the open water and fantastic team work were able to canoe the full lengths of Coniston Water (8.8km), Lake Windermere (18km) and Ullswater (11.8km) over 3 consecutive days.

This challenge was our first one on open water, adding an additional obstacle for many of our young people who began the year with a fear of the water. Through our swimming lessons, Ghyll scrambling and a day out to Blackpool Wake Park the young people’s confidence grew. The end result of all of the hard work was that we ACED our 2017 Challenge.

Each and every young person who took part in our 2017 challenge returned by to Lancashire knowing that they had achieved something that they had initially thought was impossible – they had set goals, worked hard and been supported to push through difficulties and barriers.

What a great way to spend the summer holidays! Somehow the new forthcoming year in education, and any difficulties they may be facing at home, didn’t seem quite so daunting.