The Caledonian Canal Challenge – 2018

In August 2018, our amazing team of young people, staff and volunteers conquered the huge Caledonian Canal Challenge!

We are proud to say that we canoed the whole 95 kilometres in 4 days!

We spent 5 nights staying in the Highlands of Scotland in the Tulloch Station Lodge. This is a hostel built out of the train station, which the Caledonian Sleeper train (from London to Inverness) continues pass through.

Along with picturesque stretches of canal, this challenge also includes Loch Lochy, Loch Oich and the MIGHTY Loch Ness! It took us 9 hours of canoeing to complete Loch Ness and the weather was WILD.

Each evening we played various games and the young people helped to prep the home cooked meals we had each evening and also help prepare the packed lunches for the following day.

All the team were given their own canoe shoes, LYC logo baseball caps, midgie nets, backpack, water bottle, workout gloves to prevent blisters, buoyancy aids and waterproofs.

On our final day, some brave people had a water fight and a swim in Loch Ness and then the whole team celebrated with a chip shop tea and souvenir shopping in Fort Augustus.

At the end of the week, each and every one of the young people felt as though they have achieved something amazing, made new friends, seen new places and had a real adventure in the Highlands of Scotland.

Why not watch our brilliant documentary film to see how our young people felt about this epic challenge and journey – click here